Maria Mattila is musician and artist Mara Balls, and Tuuli Sirkeinen has made a short documentary film Rockin' about her.

In the spring 2015 Mattila toured Finland with rock band Jukka ja Jytämimmit. The band Jyrki Nissinen ja Isotissinen tagged along. Rockin' follows the bands' explosive gigs in small towns, hanging at the backstage and tired traveling in the backseat of the tour van.

Only a few months after the tour Jukka ja Jytämimmit split up. During its brief career the band toured Finland extensively, released one album and attained a cult band status. After the split bassist Maria started her solo career, and one year after the tour Mara Balls released her debut album Elävä kivi.

Rockin' is a fast-paced and unique take on small bands' touring life. It is also a touching story about the power of music and Maria's growth as an artist.


Short documentary, 28 min. Premiere 5/2017

Script, directing, cinematography Tuuli Sirkeinen
Editing and cinematography Iiris Anttila
Sound Design Tuomas Alatalo
Producer and distributor Tuuli Sirkeinen
Production support Taike and Bassoradio
In collaboration with ELO